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Mac OSX Hints and Notes - SVN

Editor's Note: These notes are based on advice and notes kindly provided by Martin Costabel, who has done a terrific job of maintaining the Scribus fink package, as well as, providing assistance to fink users on the mailing list.

Building Scribus SVN

Install the required libraries. The easiest way to get them in Fink is probably to run fink install scribus and then stop it when all the prerequisites are installed and fink starts to build scribus. The list of required packages is given in the Fink file in the Depends and BuildDepends lines. The depends are automatically installed by the Fink installer.


  • x11
  • ghostscript
  • qt3-shlibs
  • libjpeg-shlibs
  • libjpeg-bin
  • lcms-shlibs (>=1.09)
  • libart2-shlibs
  • libpng3-shlibs
  • libtiff-shlibs
  • freetype2-shlibs or freetype2-hinting-shlibs

Build Depends

  • x11-dev
  • lcms
  • libjpeg
  • qt3
  • libart2
  • cups-dev
  • libpng3
  • libtiff
  • freetype2-dev or freetype2-hinting-dev

Setup the environment:

Using tcsh as the shell:

setenv CFLAGS -I/sw/include
setenv LDFLAGS -L/sw/lib
setenv ACLOCAL_FLAGS "-I /sw/share/aclocal"
setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH "/sw/lib/pkgconfig"

Using bash as the shell:

export CFLAGS=-I/sw/include
export LDFLAGS=-L/sw/lib
export ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I /sw/share/aclocal"
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/sw/lib/pkgconfig"

One can then run:

make -f Makefile.dist

It is not necessary to install autoconf and automake from Fink, they exist in Mac OSX 10.3 already. Then configure as follows:

./configure --with-qt-dir=/sw --with-qt-includes=/sw/include/qt --with-qt-libraries=/sw/lib

Before one can run make, one needs the patches that are done in the PatchScript of the Fink file.

The first group of patches helps find the right versions of the freetype headers and libraries (those from Fink, Apple's X11 has a freetype version that is too old) and the right python version (the one from MacOSX):

perl -pi -e 's,usr/X11/bin,usr/X11R6/bin,g' configure
perl -pi -e 's,FREETYPE_CONFIG=\"\",FREETYPE_CONFIG=\"/sw/lib/freetype2/bin/freetype-config\",g' configure
perl -pi -e 's,LIBS=\"\-lfreetype,LIBS=\"\$LIBFREETYPE_LIBS,g' configure
perl -pi -e "s,PYTHONLIB=.*,PYTHONLIB='-framework Python'\npython_libdir=yes\nLIBPYTHON=' ',g" configure
perl -pi -e "s,LIBPYTHON =.*,LIBPYTHON=,g" scribus/plugins/scriptplugin/

The second group is necessary for building the plugins. This is a hack that could probably be done differently.

perl -pi -e 's|^AM_LDFLAGS = .*\-s|AM_LDFLAGS = \$(all_libraries) \$(LIB_QT)|g' `find . -name`
perl -pi -e 's|(lib.*)\.la|$|g' `find . -name`
perl -pi -e 's|-version-info 0:0:0|-bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup -bind_at_load|g' `find . -name`
perl -pi -e 's|libpdf_la_LIBADD =|libpdf_la_LIBADD =\$(LIBTIFF)|g' scribus/libpdf/

One can then run:

sudo make install

It installs scribus into /usr/local, so it does not interfere with a different version installed by Fink, which goes into /sw.