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These shortcuts are from PagePlus 7, other versions may vary. Try the manual PDFs for different versions.

File Menu

New Ctrl+N
Open Ctrl+O
Save Ctrl+S
Print Ctrl+P

Edit Menu

Undo Ctrl+Z
Repeat Ctrl+Y
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Clear Del
Delete Frame Ctrl+Del
Select All Ctrl+A
Edit Story Ctrl+E
Find & Replace Ctrl+F

View Menu

View > Zoom

Full Page Ctrl+3
Page Width Ctrl+9
Selection Ctrl+6
50% Ctrl+5
75% Ctrl+7
100% Ctrl+1
200% Ctrl+2
400% Ctrl+4
800% Ctrl+8

Insert menu

Text File Ctrl+T
Hyphenation Point Ctrl+-

Insert > Picture

From File Ctrl+G

Insert > Break

Line Break Shift+Enter
Column Break Ctrl+Enter
Frame Break Alt+Enter
Page Break Ctrl+Shift+Enter

Insert > Symbol

Bullet Ctrl+Alt+8
Dagger Ctrl+Alt+D
Copyright Ctrl+Alt+C
Register Ctrl+Alt+R
Em Rule Ctrl+Alt+U
Em Space Ctrl+Alt+M

Format Menu

Format > Kern

Positive Ctrl+Alt++
Negative Ctrl+Alt+-

Tools Menu

Spell Checker F7
Thesaurus Shift+F7
Auto Fit Ctrl+Alt+X

Not in Menus

Cancel move, resize, create Esc
Insert Hyperlink Ctrl-K (may appear in web mode, to check)

Shift modifier

  • Constrains moving to horizontal or vertical
  • Constrains lines to 15° increments
  • Constrains rectangles to squares and ovals to circles
  • Allows free resizing of images
  • Adds to the selection of objects
  • Shift-click in text selects from caret to click position
  • Retains the shape tool selected after drawing (usually reverts to pointer)

Ctrl modifier

  • Dragging an object duplicates it

Alt modifier

  • While over an object's handle, turns the handle to rotate