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SVG Tools and Sites

Sites which have SVG tools and information.

Adobe SVG Community Site- This is a link page with a lot of resources to explore SVG.

Batik - an Apache toolkit - Batik is a Java(tm) technology based toolkit for applications or applets that want to use images in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format for various purposes, such as viewing, generation or manipulation. The Squiggle viewer component is one of the most compliant viewers available on any platform.

Inkscape - Inkscape is an open source illustration application which is cross platform and natively exports SVG.

SVG Foundation - SVG Foundation has a wealth of links and news.

A page with a collection of SVG-related links

SVG Support Outline from Adobe - This is a PDF which outlines the support for for SVG within the SVG plug-in from Adobe. Adobe has released a plug-in for Linux,marked as a \"beta\", but it might work on other distros. Caution is advised using the plug-in with Mozilla, as there are known incompatibilities with Moz 1.0+.

SVG Tutorials - This site has some good beginner tutorials.

Updated Adobe SVG Browser Plug-in for Mozilla - A long awaited update to Adobe's SVG browser plug-in, now works with Moz 1.4+ and Konqueror 3.0.

VDX to SVG - VDXtoSVG is a SourceForge project to create an XSLT spreadsheet that can translate VDX files to SVG. VDX is an XML version of a Visio document.

Xara Xtreme - Xara Extreme is a mature illustration program with a very high performance rendering engine for 2D graphics. Originally developed on the Acorn it has long been commercially available on Windows. The source code is in the process of being open sourced and Linux and MacOSX ports are underway. There is already a Linux demo available on their site for download.