Scaling of images / image-frames

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Create an image-frame and insert an image into it. Normaly, the image wouldn't have the perfect size for that frame. You have to scale the image. When using the mouse on the red frame-borders, just the frame is effected but not the image. Resizing an image in a frame can be done in various ways:

  1. In the property-window, under "Image", you can scale the image numerical. Either in absolut numbers or in percentages.
  2. On the same tab, there is an option "Scale to frame size". This will adjust the image to the proportion of the frame.
  3. When right-clicking on an image-frame, there is the opposite of what I wrote under 2.): "Adjust frame to image" will scale the frame so that the image fits perfect into it.
  4. You can also download and install the Image Wizard script, which gives you various scaling and alignment options.