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Here are some different "flavors" of the official Scribus icon. What I've done is take the original SVG and then modified the color, and finally created PNGs for each. Personally I prefer this sharp-detailed icon as opposed to the fuzzy one which comes with Scribus.

Feel free to use as you wish. They can, for example, be helpful when you have more than one version of Scribus on your system.

Although these may be quite a bit bigger than you need, you can of course scale them. The dark background seems to be an artifact of the scaling operation on the images – if you click on them you will see that the actual PNG has a transparent background.

Scribusicon-blue.png Scribusicon-burgundy.png Scribusicon-green.png
Scribusicon-orange.png Scribusicon-purple.png Scribusicon-red.png

And here are some smaller versions (shown here full size):

Scribusicon-bluesmall.png Scribusicon-burgundysmall.png Scribusicon-greensmall.png
Scribusicon-orangesmall.png Scribusicon-purplesmall.png Scribusicon-redsmall.png