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GUI / Interface


  • On Windows, you may not be able to see the page or the buttons. Please make sure:
    • that you're not using third party Windows themes. Lots of those themes are broken and show similar behavior with other applications. You have to disable those themes in Control Panel > Display Properties > Themes and/or Appeareance.
    • that your display is set to use 32 bit depth: Control Panel > Display Properties > Settings – set display bit depth to 32 bit

Languages and Translation

How do I switch the language of the Scribus interface? Scribus picks up your environment language automatically. If you want to use another language for your GUI, just go the menu File > Preferences, and in the "General" section set the language you prefer.
I want to add a translation for my language for Scribus. Where can I get more info? We have written a Scribus Translation Howto. Translating Scribus into your language is not difficult and does not need programming experience. If in doubt, contact one of the developers listed in Help > About.