Scribus Team Wishlist from the Community

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The core Scribus team would like the Scribus and OpenSource community to know that there are tasks they'd love to receive help with:


  • WACOM tablet (none of us tablets like this, and cannot test or write code for them, so receiving patches would be helpful)
  • Retina display macbookpro (we have a few developers on OSX but either we have older Macbooks or Mac desktops)



  • tri-/quad-fold (we've removed the possibility to create documents from these templates as they really need to be created on larger sized single documents, so we need some templates for that layout option)


Our translations are managed on Transifex: We need help translating Scribus in to many languages beside the following: English, English (UK), English (Australian), German, German (Swiss), Italian, French, Danish (Denmark)

Complex Text Layouts

If you have an interest in helping Scribus have a more robust Text Layout engine that supports for example: RTL, CJK, NLS scripts etc... please check out their github repo Host-Oman They need:

  • Testers
  • Test documents to test CTL with
  • patches
  • help with infrastructure issues regarding testing, continuous integration and translations


Scribus's User Interface is due for an upgrade. We've been paying attention to the prototype Qt5 docking project called indigoDock spearheaded by a volunteer (martin/nitramr).