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Here is a list for similar programs that exist beneath Scribus.

See also a related listing of commercial DTP tools at web links on

Pure DTP/Page layout

Adobe InDesign (Win32, MacOS X)
Major player
Adobe PageMaker (Win32, MacOS X)
Largely deprecated in favour of InDesign.
Apple Pages (MacOS X)
Newly introduced for enduser and part of the iWork package.
Deneba Canvas (Win32, MacOS X)
Page layout software with a huge amount of additional features for Win32 and MacOS X.
invers Calamus (Win32, MacOS 7 - 9, MacOS X, Atari ST)
Page layout software originally developed for Atari ST, but still in development and for sale. Very strange UI.
Microsoft Publisher
An extension to MS Office. Sold as an easy-to-use DTP software, but generally considered a bad joke in DTP business.
QuarkXPress (Win32, MacOS X)
Major player
Open Source using GTK+ in a very early stage.
RagTime Solo (Win32, MacOS X)
So called "Office Publishing" software. A mixture between office suite and and a page layout programme. Free as in beer for personal use.
VivaDesigner (Linux, Win32, MacOS X)
is available for download as a beta version, you need to register and then you will be emailed a valid licence key every 30 days.

Long-document and flexible wordprocessing tools

Adobe FrameMaker (Win32, MacOS X)
Corel Ventura (Win32)
Papyrus Office (Win32, MacOS X) Writer (Linux, Win32, Solaris, MacOS X)
  • NOTE - Scribus has support for importing Draw and Writer format:
    • please see this page at the official documentation site for more detail.
    • also check out this article for the preparing the Writer document to be imported


Flexible (hybrid vector/wp/DTP)

Cenon Coded with GNUstep suite, this app available for Linux, Windows, MacOS X. General graphics and layout.

deneba Canvas see above

Stone Create Originally coded for NeXT and then migrated to MacOS X. Part of the Stone Studio suite. General graphics and layout (print and web)

PDF/PS tools