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Note: the information in this page refers to old versions of Scribus. Version 1.4.2, released in January 2013, includes a new spellchecker similar to the one found in LibreOffice, based on Hunspell.


There is no spell checker in released versions of Scribus, but the development version, 1.3.5, has one (see Aspell_in_1.3.5svn) For 1.3.3 and earlier, you can use a good spell checker, licensed under the GPL: aspell [1].


  • Download and install aspell.
  • Download and install an aspell dictionary for your language.


  • In terminal/console : aspell --lang=fr --encoding=utf-8 --mode=sgml --add-sgml-check=ch check fichier.sla
    • --lang=fr for french, en for english, etc.
    • --encoding=utf-8 (since it is the encoding in Scribus' file format)
    • --mode=sgml (since a Scribus file is XML)
    • --add-sgml-check=ch (Check only the value CH instead of all the values of XML)
    • check action for aspell
    • fichier.sla (= your Scribus file)


  • I'm french with a bad english, there are surely some mistakes.
  • This is a Wiki, so many eyes can improve your work. Thank you for your efforts!