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Here you can write anything to the tables... Ideas, what features we need etc.

What format should be supported?

  • copy/paste from OpenOffice
  • import from table calculator: Calc, Gnumeric, KSpread
  • HTML tables
  • txt files with items
  • LaTeX

What information should be imported?

  • dimension and content of cells
  • style (borders, fill etc.) only from OpenOffice copy/paste


  • style (borders, fill etc.) from HTML tables
  • otherwise it would be possible to copy/paste from HTML to OpenOffice and then to Scribus

What features we need?

  • size of tables
  • dimension of table
  • automatic/fixed column size
  • where the heading is
  • automatic split table: yes/no and if heading will be added
  • lines: where, color, style, width
  • cells: fill (color, pattern, picture or equation)
  • operations with cells: merge, split
  • operations with rows/columns: delete, add
  • optimise: height, width of cells
  • make height/width of cells equal
  • change size of cell manually
  • align numbers according to comma: yes/no
  • align of table to: text (other via distribute and align)
  • tack to the text => create control system for this
  • possibility to create "table style"
  • padding: color, width
  • delete current fill, style... altogether


  • exchange columns with rows and vice versa
  • split table

Table research in other applications

What programs have some table capabilities? It divides into two groups: Office and DTP programs.

Office programs

DTP programs

  • Adobe Indesign,
  • Quark XPress,
  • MS Publisher,
  • LyX.

MS Office



SoftMaker Office

Adobe InDesign

Quark XPress

MS Publisher


Scribus solution

I found some texts to this feature:

Inserting table

  • icon like now
  • via create frame > at the center will be icon with table too (1:40-1:55) here

User Interface

How will be table stored in Scribus?

In .sla document

  • background, lines etc. in SVG
  • grouped same type of objects
  • Example: background, grouped minor lines, grouped main lines, text
  • simply editable when needed
  • possible to add to scrapbook

As a Table Style

  • predefined specification for all objects
  • it consists of text style, line style and shapes/frames
  • Example: Main header: top, paragraph style tab1 fill: shape color: none; Normal item: paragraph style tab2 fill: shape color: none; border left: line1 color: black; border right: line1 color: black, border top: line1 color: black; border bottom: line1 color: black;

Missing fatures

  • align items according to comma or point directly, not via tabulator
  • align text to the internal table grid
  • find solution for align of two-line text
  • tack table to text with its control system

Scribus Table syntax