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The workaround for Ubuntu is not correct. I don't have much experience of KDE so these remarks may not apply to Kubuntu.

Presumably the ideas is that LC_ALL be defined in the environment in which scribus runs. The workaround (echo "export LC_ALL=en_US" >> ~/.bash_profile) does not achieve this.

1] Gnome does not (normally) run within a bash login shell (or any other bash shell come to that) and .bash_profile is only called when a login shell is started. So the variable will not be exported to scribus's environment. (In this case it does not help to start scribus from within a virtual terminal because the shell that is started is not a login shell and so calls .bashrc not .bash_profile)

2] If you put the definition within .bashrc (echo "export LC_ALL=en_US" >> ~/.bashrc) then scribus will "see" that environmental variable only if you start it from within a virtual terminal. However if you start scribus from a launcher on the panel or desktop it still will not "see" it as no shell is started. (The .deb package does not seem to create a launcher but it is easy enough to do by hand)

3] The safest thing to do is to put the definition within .gnomerc (echo "export LC_ALL=en_US" >> ~/.gnomerc), which is called when Gnome starts up. Then you can guarantee that scribus will "see" it. (If you can't find .gnomerc on your system that is because, by default, it doesn't exist. However it is a very useful file.)