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I've tried to follow the instructions given but it doesn't work for me. I am on Windows XP with Publisher 2000 and Scribus I can Select All/Copy into Word, OO.o 1.1.4 (.sxw) or OO.o 2.0 (.odt). I can also copy directly to OO.o Draw (.odg). Inside either OO.o Text I cannot Save As to Draw. Once inside Scribus, I cannot Import the .odt file. I follow the File/Import/Import Draw process, click on the .odg file created directly from the Publisher clipboard, click Open ... and nothing happens!

I've ended up using the alternative method of recreating the file in Scribus which is painstaking. Publisher borders, especially, are hard to replicate in Scribus. For clipart, I find that svg factory works fairly well for me. There are some small glitches but a little node editing will fix them.

I have been producing a newsletter in Publisher and am in the process of porting to Scribus.