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360 Digital Books, div of Whitlock -- JCulleton (talk) 17:03, 6 January 2015 (CET)

360 Digital Books is a USA digital printer with a wide variety of products, papers and binding choices. They do not have direct access to Amazon etc. as do LSI, Lulu or Createspace. They give direct personal service through their regional sales managers. The minimum order is 25 books. I use them for review copies and plan to use them for books marketed through Amazon Advantage. They will drop ship to Amazon Advantage etc.if you request it. In addition to a variety of products I like them because they don't put the tell-tale barcode on the last interior page as do the other printers mentioned above. If you have a book with a limited number of color pages you only pay the color premium for the actual color pages, not the whole book. They have only one quality of color --- very high. In addition to standard sizes they can handle custom sizes up to 8.75 width at no extra cost.

Ask for their wire-o bound free guide book that contains all you need to know about using them and actual sample pages of both interior and cover stocks. I keep it within arms reach. They have a free online bid calculator.