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Portfolio Booklet 2017 -- Dennis G (talk) 20:05, 8 January 2020 (UTC)

Portfolio Booklet 2017

Reporter: DigiDioMedia

Date: Feb, 2017

Scribus Version: v1.5.2


Digidiomedia Portfolio 2017 My personal portfolio 2017 booklet-art made with only opensource programs. It's was a project where I used Blender 3d for all the 3d objects, Gimp for details on all images. Inkscape for all vector based logo design and. And at the end Scribus v1.5.2 to create a full magic booklet art with 48 pages personal work. In the last stage of finalising this booklet there was no struggle at all in any way to print this art in full color.

  • 1. 48 pages 135gr matsilk paper + Hardcover top
  • 2. Printed with
  • 3. 21 x 21 cm square booklet
  • 4. Used applications: Scribus v1.5.2 - Blender 3d - GIMP v2.8.18 - Inkscape v0.91
  • 5. Used 14 templates with 10 grids + 1 fonts style - Embedded internet links
  • 6. High quality 300dpi + ICC ISO Coated v2 300% + image effect - Sharpen

Perfect job Scribus and all others. Cheers developers and the community. 2017 bring us new features in the upcoming v1.5.3 release.