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Toolbar Icons: Insert Objects

These Icons Select and Create Objects:

Objectsicons1241.png v 1.2.x

Objectsicons1331.png v 1.3.3.x

Objectsicons134cvs.png v 1.3.5+

From left to right:

  1. Select Item (keyboard: C)
  2. Insert Text Frame (T)
  3. Insert Image Frame (I)
  4. Insert Table (A)
  5. Insert Shape (S) – arrow opens requester for shape type
  6. Insert Polygon (P) – arrow opens requester for polygon features
  7. Insert Line (L) – arrow (in opens requester to select Bezier or Freehand
  8. Insert Bezier Curve (B) – separate icon only in 1.3.x
  9. Insert Freehand Line (F) – separate icon only in 1.3.x

Versions 1.4.x also include an icon (similar to a blue gear) for creating render frames. The toolbar looks like this:


Toolbar Icons: Modify Objects

These Icons will Modify Objects:

Manipulateicons1241.png v 1.2.x

Manipulateicons1331.png v 1.3.3.x

Manipulateicons134.png v 1.3.5+

From left to right:

  1. Rotate Item (keyboard: R)
  2. Zoom (Z) – activates mouse to zoom in (double size is default) when clicked; Shift+click to zoom out (half size is default) – you can set these defaults in File > Preferences > Tools > Zoom icon
  3. Edit Contents of Frame (E) – for Image adjusts position of image within frame
  4. Story Editor (Ctrl+Y)
  5. Link Text Frames (N)
  6. Unlink Text Frames (U)