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Undo ToDo

As we can see, a lot of undo management are not operational. As all of them will have to be fix sooner or latter, a list of them will be done here.


  • text frame undo/redo already done by Cezary on 1.4 (not in 1.5)
  • Character style modification


  • EPS graphic
  • Combine/Split polygons
  • Rotation, resize of shape


  • Overprint (PP > Color)
  • Fusion mode (PP > transparency)
  • Change frame level (PP > XYZ) (green arrow buttons)
  • Action pdf (right click)
  • Scale (PP > border)
  • Change rounded angles (PP > shape)
  • Change reference point (PP > XYZ)
  • With vertical or horizontal flip of content of frame (double arrows) it requires 2 undo action to undo a single flip
  • Gradient (PP > colour or transparency)


  • Creation of master page
  • Import of page
  • Selection of frame after undo


  • Correct management of save flag after undo
  • Replay an action
  • Add undo/redo panel
  • Enable undo even if the widget in the foreground is not canvas