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Aernout vn, we still need our "How to file a bug report" howto in English :) You've started to replace English content in this howto with your NL translation, which is a wrong way to do it. Please read this article: Your_first_Scribus_Wiki_article, before you start to create new articles.

I'll revert your changes in "How to file a bug report", your translation can be found in How to file a bug report (NL). Please feel free to change its title into Dutch.

OOPS! sorry! i did an other one too allready .....

No problem, please copy the last changes into your Dutch version, and I'll remove your changes from the English version. BTW, welcome to the Scribus Wiki:) --Mhanski 12:28, 22 May 2006 (CEST)

think its done now! please tell me how to find the text that needs to be translated ....

Aernout vn, you can start with any English article, but perhaps you should translate this one first: Your_first_Scribus_Wiki_article

Please do the following:

  • go to Category:HOWTO_NL
  • click on edit and translate the second item to Dutch / click on save
  • in a second window, open the the English original Your_first_Scribus_Wiki_article / click on Edit/ copy the whole content
  • in the first window: click on your Dutch link/Edit/paste the copied English content
  • start translating the English content
  • once the article has been translated, you will know, what to do next

Enjoy! --Mhanski 17:16, 22 May 2006 (CEST)