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I am linux enthusiast, learning RHCE. And working as a freelance desginer.

Besides work, I have only one passion - L I N U X, and scribus is my new toy.

I dream to build a pure linux workstation. The game is still on...

And scribus helped me a lot in achiving that.


Right now i am using final. Compiled from the source on Mandriva 2007. Besides Mandriva i use PCLinuxOS 0.93a BigDaddy.

  • I have successfully compilied scribus 1.3.4cvs version dated 11 nov 2006 on mandriva 2007.

It was a smooth ride. I just had to install cmake from MCC and everthing was fine after that.

  • I have also successfully compiled 1.3.4cvs on PCLinuxOS 0.93a aka BigDaddy. Here i had to

specify some library locations manually and then its was okay.

For any queries reach me at gmail: [[1]]