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Scribus Apprentice

My name is Wily Yuen. I pursue Linux and open source advocacy activities thru initiatives such as OAKA in Hong Kong. In addition, I am now a member of the Ubuntu CJK testers team, helping developers to test and fix CJK problems under Linux and I am currently studying the XML round-trip possibility between the file formats of DocBook -> -> Scribus.

It will be very cool if these FOSS apps can join forces to provide a smooth and interoperable workflow in many publishing and business organizations. It certainly will boost the appeal for each of these applications.

Ok, I should go back to study XML and DTP, and how they would match the document requirement of organizations in general.

You can reach me at zero0w(AT) even if you're bored ;-), or just want to talk about anything in open source.

- Wily Yuen aka zero0w
Jan 23, 2006