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About John L. Poole -- Jlpoole (talk) 02:58, 8 March 2016 (CET)

My name is John Laurence Poole.

I live in Napa, California, and work for Oracle Corporation as a Principal Software Engineer supporting documentation creation (Arbortext Epic editor) and delivery at Oracle for several hundred products.

As an off-hours business, I publish piano ensemble music, my business is Editions Poole. My platform had been InDesign which was heavily scripted, but I am now migrating over to Scribus as Scribus is mature enough for my needs. Editions Poole has been on an 8 year hiatus, I'll be returning as soon as I have some basic infrastructure changes made and perfection of Libreveris for optical mark recognition of my scores. I also have some development to undertake for creating Smyth sewn bindings, the South Napa earthquake basically where our house almost collapsed (10 degree list on an 1896 stone foundation) set me back 2 years. I have over 20,000 scanned pages of piano music that has fallen into the public domain under the laws of the United States. I used an Epson T-5000 printer for creating 8-up pages of 9.5 x 12.5 inches which are then folded into 16 page signatures.

My Linux preference is Gentoo. My strengths are in Perl and databases. I have a xen server with various builds thereon, notably I just built Windows 7 so I can have a clean environment with which to document how to build Scribus for Windows with MS Visual Studio 2013 Express. I have a fork of the scribus project which hopefully can be used by anyone to undertaking compiling Scribus for windows.

And, yes, I make wine.