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Scribus Project Manager -- RGupta 03:51, 20 April 2012 (CEST)

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What do we need in a project manager? So that large books can be handled in Scribus easily.

What problems do users face presently in making huge books? Users have to make small documents of pagesize=30.why?because huge documents are difficult to handle.

Whats the problem then? A big book is of size say 250 pages.The user will have to make 250/30 documents. There will be some consistent layout of the book. To keep the layout consistent, the user will have to change every document everytime the layout gets some edit. This is a frustrating job.

Whats the solution then? The Project Manager will come to our rescue. It will be possible to change the layout of "every" Document of the book just by making one edit in the overall layout of the book. We would make it possible to enable designing a full fledged book without much hassle.

What will be the functionalities of the Project Manager?

  • The main ones
  • To be added later ones

How will the functionalities be implemented?

About the relationship between the masterDocuments and the slaveDocuments.

What is a masterDocument(Definition) A masterDocument is an sla file(normal Scribus file)which will have all the details regarding the shared attributes. It will be storing all the attributes(masterPages, styles, colors, etc.). It will store the attributes which are global(ie common to whole book, all documents use them and can edit them with changes shown in all the documents automatically)

What is a slaveDocument(Definition) A slaveDocument is a sla file which will be used to make actual book pages. This Document will be containing links to the masterDocument for accessing the updated attributes from other slaveDocuments. There is only one masterDocument and more than one slaveDocuments.

How will masters and the slave relate? The master will control all the slaves. Each edit done on the master will show up in the slave automatically. The slave do not talk to each other. They only link with the master. If one slave asks for a change in the global attribute, the change will show up in other slaves only through masterDocument.

How will the change in attributes propagate? way 1. Change the masterDocument and all slaves will follow. way 2. Make a change in the slaveDocument and make it global ie store that change in the masterDocument

Use case: use case for the PM is : I have a visit card, letter paper, badges and invoices paper to create regularly for different clients. The master define the logo, name, adresses, styles, and these apply automatically to various slave docs : letter paper, visit card, invoices and badges.