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I ask because there a multitude of ways to make a brochure. from a double sided rack card to 4-panel, gate-fold brochures and even bound booklets. I make such items on a regular basis and would be able to write a tutorial on creating such items. Such a tutorial would most likely be application agnostic. Scribus specific instructions would be included whenever possible of course (this is the Scribus wiki after all). I would even be able to provide templates for such layouts, granted they would be little more than pre-sized pages with crop and fold marks - leaving the content creation to the end user.

Let me know what you think.

Hi Rydel, that sounds very promising, I would like to have them all, one by one. Originally, I wasn't thinking of anything specific, but the howtos you've mentioned could build a very nice howto subcategory called "Brochures". What about starting with the one kind of brochure, you consider the most common and doing it exactly the way, you've proposed -- in particualar, I like the idea of having "fillable" brochure templates attached to every tutorial.

regards Mhanski

This would be very interesting for 1.3 as we plan "an easy way to create" such documents. Knowing typical sizes, margins, fold areas, orientations etc etc etc will be very important. --Cbradney 21:15, 23 Feb 2005 (UTC)