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Wiki Upkeep

The following operations need to be performed on the wiki regularly or in an on-going manner to keep it up-to-date, relevant, and well organized and to prevent bitrot that would devolve the wiki into an unusable morass of broken and outdated documents: This is a great opportunity for people who don't program, but are interested in contributing their time and efforts to the Community.

Tag pages that need work

  • Use the {{Update}} template from Templates:Update to tag a page with a tag requesting an updated of the factual information on that page
This article is outdated. Please update the information to reflect the current status or knowledge.
  • Use the {{Cleanup}} template from Templates:Cleanup to tag a page with a tag requesting the removal of outdated or misleading information or general repair of hyperlinks and category tags
This article needs to be cleaned up. Please update the information, remove factual errors, refresh category data, or correct the hyperlinks.
  • Use the {{Delete}} template from Templates:Delete to tag a page with a tag requesting to put the grossly outdated page on the list of candidates for deletion in the near future

This article is a candidate for deletion because it is either grossly inaccurate, misleading, or completely outdated. If you believe that this article still has value or would like to correct it please label it correctly.
  • Use the {{Featured}} template from Templates:Featured to tag a page with a tag requesting to recognize the article as the most complete and accurate representation of the relevant material
This is a featured article. If there are several similar articles then this is the most accurate and complete one.

Create or clean up Categories

Use the Special:Categories and Full Category Tree to look through the available categories and help organize the wiki information in the most logical and easy to use manner.

Other Templates

  • Use the {{Experimental}} template from Templates:Experimental to tag a page with a tag that gives people a heads up that the info on the page is considered expereimental
 Hourglass1.png This feature/option is considered experimental