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early draft

< jiero> a_l_e: I want an option to make one object always in center of visible area :D

15:54 < a_l_e> jiero: i'm not sure that focusing on an item is a good idea... but a way good way to recenter 
               the zooming process is imo more than welcome...
15:54 < a_l_e> and i think that the hardest part is to find a good way which works well in every case :-)
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16:10 < jiero> a_l_e: I think if it is optional would be good, sometimes, I just want to move several 
               objects outside and remain the view for this adjustment
16:16 < a_l_e> i think that we should have a general way of doing...
16:18 < a_l_e> and, generally, it would be not that bad, if when using ctrl-mousewheel the current cursor 
               position would be somehow in the middle of the window... (you don't move it if it's lless 
               than x% away from the middle)
16:19 < a_l_e> i guess that x could be a setting...
16:20 < a_l_e> not sure if this solves the problem for everybody, but i'd prefer such a solution to having 
               to set which element will be in the middle... hmmm... well, we could set that the selected 
               item is in the centre... but for text, you'd won't probably have to behave that way...