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This page shows a list of time-saving workflow tips for Devs who are developing for Scribus. Feel free to add your shortcuts


  • reduce the number of files copied in the "make install" step by limiting the number of used languages to the minimum necessary. For this, add '-DWANT_GUI_LANG="en_GB;de;fr;it;en"' to your cmake command.
  • if you know that only a single object file has been written by "make" (as an example when you're modifying the source of a plugin), if you're on a slow computer you can speed up the compile/run/tweak cycle by manually copying the object file to the binary directory, instead of doing "make install"
# perhaps there can be a script here
# That automagically does this?

traces in the terminal

Whenever you need to understand what happens un the code, it's possible to issue some traces on the terminal using qDebug function :

qDebug() << blah << "some text";

Clean your code before issuing a patch, unless its absolutely necessary to mess the user's terminal.