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* [http://www.canalvalley.com/Hosting/historyandco/canalfrancais/libro.php Canal Français] - "L'aventure Illustrée des Français au Panama ", first book made with Scribus
* [http://www.canalvalley.com/Hosting/historyandco/canalfrancais/libro.php Canal Français] - "L'aventure Illustrée des Français au Panama ", first book made with Scribus
* [http://www.le-tigre.net Le Tigre], hebdomadaire curieux. Cf. en pdf le [http://le-tigre.net/IMG/LeTigreNumeroZero.pdf Numéro zéro] et le [http://le-tigre.net/IMG/LeTigreNumeroZeroAvecEnrobage.pdf Numéro Zéro entouré d'une présentation.]
''(Le Tigre is a weekly generalist newspaper. N°1: march 17th. 2006)''

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It doesn't matter if the publication is printed or online-only.



  • Kenttäliitto - Kenttäliitto ry's magazine, 16 pages in size B5, color cover, b/w inside, 200 copies, released quarterly, since December 2003 with Scribus


(Le Tigre is a weekly generalist newspaper. N°1: march 17th. 2006)


  • LinuxTag 2005 Journal - a journal printed for 2005 event in Karlsruhe, Germany (more details in German)
  • WikiReader Digest - bi-weekly excerpt from Wikipedia; 1500 readers; since Febuary 2005 with Scribus
  • sozialistische perspektive 10 issues per year, printed magazine, A3 folded to A4
  • La.Meko Filmfestival Landau end of 2004 we switched to Scribus; the whole printed material like entry forms, postcards and posters are made with Scribus and Inkscape
  • Eulenspiegel - a student's magazine of the mathematics and informatics faculty at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany (PDF, 600 pcs., ~32 pages)
  • UStA Magazin - student's council magazine, University of Karlsruhe, Germany (PDF, 2000 pcs., ~20 pages, b/w)
  • Linuxburg.de - company's stationery (PDF file), see also the description in our Success Stories.
  • Kritische Masse - magazine of the BUNDjugend, a youth environmental organisation.


  • Volantino Gennaio 2005 - Italian; 2 pages A4 flyer. Printed in 13000 copies in A5 format. Created by Zitter, in January 2005, in collaboration with #scribus channel guys :-) [1.4 Mb]
  • Promo Settembre 2005 - Italian 1 page A3 flyer. Created by Zitter. [1.9 Mb]
  • Promo Webdesign - Italian 1 page A4 flyer. Created by Zitter. [731 Kb]
  • Hermanitos Verdes - architettura 995/005 - Italian, 70 pages Lettersize book, a little full-color book about our architectural works during the first ten years of activity of our office.



  • improviso3 - Jornal Informativo do Movimento Hip Hop of Campinas and São Paulo cities (Hip Hop Newspaper).
  • polimidia - The big small handbook of already invented medias.


  • Kiberpipa - whole season of flyers with programe of a cybercenter


  • Revista Sábor Órgano de expresión de los estudiantes de Geografía e Historia de la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


  • Kavithaasaran - Tamil text with it's English translation (PDF file)