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It doesn't matter if the publication is printed or online-only.

Chinese ( Simplified)

  • [1] Kernel Panic 简介introduction.





  • Kenttäliitto-lehti - Kenttäliitto ry's magazine, 16 pages in size B5, color cover, b/w inside, 200 copies, released quarterly, since December 2003 with Scribus


  • Canal Français - "L'aventure Illustrée des Français au Panama ", first book made with Scribus
  • Le Tigre, curieux journal curieuxLe Tigre, was: "curious weekly", weekly generalist newspaper. N°1: march 17th. 2006, B/W, 24 pages, with no ads. 17 issues in 2006.

Download as PDF: Issue No. 0Presentation "What is Le Tigre"?Issue No. 3Issue No. 7 See as images: Issue No. 6

Since 2007, Le Tigre is a paper monthly (80 pages), and a web daily (4 pages in PDF and Flash). Direct link for web last issue:

Since 2008, Le Tigre is «bimestriel» (every 2 months). See for instance volume 28.


  • Was ist Kunst? Ein Blog 2006-2007 (A4) and Was ist Kunst? Ein Blog 2006-2007 (B5) Transformation of material originially published online, the latter shrinked by the publisher and mostly black and white only, the former full color, 166 pages.
  • Stürenburg 2007 - Gesamtwerk 660 page art catalog plus essays and annotations, 796 pages, A4 full color, thread-stitching, hardcover
  • - a community magazine with photos, tutorials and more for photographers
  • The German team has produced their 2007 flyer using Scribus (print run: 10,000). All files used for the production (images + sla file) can be downloaded here.
  • Altes Reich und neues Recht – Exhibition catalogue for a major German exhibition, 404 pages, hardcover
  • LinuxTag 2005 Journal - a journal printed for 2005 event in Karlsruhe, Germany (more details in German)
  • WikiReader Digest - bi-weekly excerpt from Wikipedia; 1500 readers; from February until December 2005
  • La.Meko Filmfestival Landau end of 2004 we switched to Scribus; the whole printed material like entry forms, postcards and posters are made with Scribus and Inkscape
  • Eulenspiegel - a student's magazine of the mathematics and informatics faculty at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany (PDF, 600 pcs., ~32 pages)
  • UStA Magazin - student's council magazine, University of Karlsruhe, Germany (PDF, 2000 pcs., ~20 pages, b/w)
  • Kritische Masse - magazine of the BUNDjugend, a youth environmental organisation.
  • Antrag auf BU-Versicherung mit Berechnung des Beitrags – insurance application as a PDF form (German, some nice features inside)
  • Ein Würfel System - A free pen-and-paper roleplaying system which uses Scribus for both the main rulebook (Version 2.1 and onward) and the Charaktersheets. All its files are available from a Mercurial repository under free licenses (sources).
  • Wanderkarte Gutau (PDF front / back / back with bleeding) - An almost-A2 map designed for offset printing, with overview and detailed maps, title panel, hiking route descriptions, and sponsor addresses. The map is made from OpenStreetMap data, rendered with Mapnik and layouted together with hiking path descriptions using Scribus.



  • Cogito:, 80 pages, twice a year. Articles on Art, literature, philosophy and our own time. Also inspired by many of the thoughts of Rudolf Steiner, especially by his works on philosophy and the freedom of man.


  • Moje miasto — Biweekly town magazine from Słupsk in Poland
  • Naji Gòchë — Quaterly magazine in Polish and Kashubian language
  • Gazeta w Choroszczy – Municipal gazette of the town of Choroszcz near Białystok, since issue 95 made entirely with Scribus and other Open Source tools.
  • Zeszyty komiksowe – magazine on comics, printed irregularly, made since march 2004 with Scribus and other Open Source tools on Mandriva Linux.
  • All publications (PIs, Business Field Brochures, Product Lit with 10+ pages, etc.) made for a company called KROLPol (DraegerSafety retailer / service in Poland). Examples: 1, 2, 3
  • Dragonia Magazine – free internet magazine on Linux, software, hardware, and programming, since August 2006, ca. 50 pages.
  • Bartnik GdańskiThe Beekeeper of Gdańsk, Polish, 28 page quarterly newsletter, printed in 500 copies (PDF Download)
  • IEA ACTUS – a portfolio of an association promoting Open Source and Free Software in Poland.


  • improviso3 - Jornal Informativo do Movimento Hip Hop of Campinas and São Paulo cities (Hip Hop Newspaper).


  • Kiberpipa - whole season of flyers with programe of a cybercenter


  • Revista Sábor Órgano de expresión de los estudiantes de Geografía e Historia de la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Revista La Higuera 2007 publicación de la Unidad Sanitaria Ambulatoria La Higuera, proyecto médico solidario. Rosario, Argentina.
  • Revista aprendespañ - Revista digital gratuita en formato PDF realizada con Scribus por la Asociacion Cultural Española para facilitar el aprendizaje del idioma español


  • eniXma - Monthly GNU/Linux-FLOSS pdf magazine in Turkish, made with scribus and other open source tools.
  • Pozitif PC e-zine - Turkish computer e-zine; Pozitif PC. 7 issues, designed entirely in Scribus.