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 Get Started With Scribus 2006
Current authors:   Scribus Wiki Authors
Original author:   Niyam Bhushan, 2004
Licence:   GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2
 Chapter 9


  1. What Can You Do With Scribus
  2. Scribus And Its Sisters
  3. Empty, White Spaces
  4. Cover Page
  5. Working With Layers On A Page
  6. Design Multiple Pages
  7. Create Final Page Layouts
  8. Design With Graphics And
  9. Set Fire With SVG Graphics
  10. Publishing Demands Freedom.PDF.
  11. Travel At The Speed Of Scribus
  12. Contributors
  13. GNU Free Documentation Licence

Set Fire With SVG Graphics

Graphics R US

The flame logo is a special type of graphic, called a 'Scalable Vector Graphics' or SVG for short. It can be enlarged to any size without loss of quality, and even the shape of the flame can be edited in Scribus. Yes, even the colors are imported from the image into the Colors palette of Scribus, and colors from within Scribus can be applied to the image, as has been done here to multiple copies of this graphic. Note how the text is set on a curve created within Scribus, and the automatic drop-caps to the text column.


Start with a new Master Page, call it 'GyaanL'. Copy and paste the red band, text, and page folio and page number from another left-page template. Change the text to 'Education' in all-caps. In Page > Manage Guides, add two vertical guides at 65mm and 70mm. Lock them, and close the Master Pages palette. Add another page using this master page, in the Page palette. Or you could use Page > Insert... menu.

From Flame to Flame

You don't need a Picture frame to place an SVG, you can do it directly. Go to File > Import... > Import SVG. Navigate to the 'Images' folder of FYug, and select the 'Highly-Inflammable.svg' image to import. A huge graphic fills the page. Just select it, and in Properties, give it the height and width of 45 mm. Position this graphic to the top-left margin of the page.

Check Edit > Colors... and you will find the orange color in the image has been marked and imported into the Colors palette.


Select the file, then copy and paste it right underneath the first one. In the Properties palette, type '+5mm' at the end of the Y position, to automatically move it down by 5 mm. Thus, copy and paste until you have five copies of the graphic on the page, with a 5mm gap between each one vertically. Select each graphic, ungroup it, select the background color, and change the color of each in the Properties palette.

Page6 Fyug.jpg

Dragged Guides

From the horizontal rulers just below the taskbar and above the page, click and drag a horizontal guide to the bottom of each box. Toggle 'Show Guides' so in the View menu, so you can see the guide. Finally, draw text frames to the height of each graphic in the column on the right, and type in the text. Define a Paragraph style that has a drop-cap of two lines, and apply that style to each text frame.

Page Number on Top

Did you note the problem of the last graphic overlapping the page number and the page folio text? Go back to the Master pages palette, copy the page folio text frame that contains the page number. Close the Master pages palette, go back to your page, and just paste it on top. The page number comes in automatically to this text.

Text on Path

The text on the curve is pretty easy. Write the text in a text frame. Draw a curve using the 'Insert lines' tool Bezier tool.png. Use the tool that has a pencil with a line shaped like an 'S' around it. To draw the curve, just click once at the starting point of the curve, and drag briefly to the top-right. Then release the button, click at the end position of the curve, and drag briefly to the bottom-left. Once you are satisfied with the curve shape, just right-click the mouse or press Esc and your curve is done.


Select both the text frame and the curve, and select Item > Attach Text to Path. The text will follow the curve. You can play with alignment and other settings in the Properties palette. Rotate the whole curve slightly for a better fit.

Text on path2.png


For a bit more on Text on a Path, check this howto