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Color Palettes in Scribus (1): Open Source Palettes

Note that all color palettes described here and in subsequent sections include three basic colors: 100% CMYK Black (C: 100, M: 100, Y: 100, K: 100), 100% CMYK White (C: 0, M: 0, Y: 0, K: 0), and the Registration Color. These will not be counted as separate colors in the tables.

It is also important to note that no physical reference (color fan, color chips) exists for the colors in the palettes listed on this page, so that verification of color correctness is impossible.

Name Description Number of Colors Color Model Spot
Scribus Small A set of primary CMYK colors. These are based on a mix of percentages of the standard CMYK inks. 6 CMYK No
Scribus Basic A set of primary CMYK and RGB colors, as well as three variants of black, namely "Cool Black", "Rich Black" and "Warm Black". The latter consist of a mix of C, M, Y and K colors instead of just 100% K (K=Black) and the values are the result of intensive discussions between the Scribus Team and commercial printers. The "Rich Black" variants may not meet every printer's needs, but they can serve as a basis when it comes to printing a rich black. 9 RGB and CMYK No
Scribus Gnome A set of named RGB colors, which are standard on recent Gnome Desktops. 32 RGB No
Scribus OpenOffice A set of CMYK colors which are based on the "CMYK" palette found in 94 CMYK No
Scribus Splash A set of the colours in the Scribus logo and the splashscreen. Its main purpose is to guarantee a consistent use of colors in Scribus-related publications. 19 CMYK No
Scribus SVG A set of RGB colors based on the named colors from the SVG specification. 149 RGB No
Scribus X11 A set of RGB colors based on the named colors from X-Window. 550 RGB No
Scribus X11 Grey A set of grayscale shades based on the named shades from X-Window. 110 RGB No
Scribus Xfig A set of the RGB colors used by Xfig. 32 RGB No
Tango A set of the RGB colors used in the Tango icon project for Free desktops. Since Scribus uses the Tango icon set, this color set may also be interesting for Scribus-related projects. 68 RGB No
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