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Scribus Configuration

A complex and feature-rich program like Scribus can't suit everybody's needs with a single configuration, especially if one considers that it also works on many different platforms. As Scribus grew over time, it was inevitable that users asked for more and more options to customize Scribus to suit their personal preferences/requirements. As a result, Scribus has become one of the most configurable DTP programs. Nevertheless, there will always be users for whom Scribus isn't configurable enough and others who don't want to be bothered with dozens of adjustable screws.

This part of the Online Help is intended to describe what you can adjust, but also to show what can be safely ignored in most cases. Please note that editorial decisions had to be made in cases of overlaps between "setup" and "usage" (e.g. color palette managament) or a special case like color management, which is complex enough to justify a separate chapter. The chapter will also attempt to help you set up other parts of your system to get the most out of Scribus.

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