News 2011-03-28 1.4.0rc3 release

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The third release candidate for the new stable 1.4.0 version has been released. Please get the binary for your system from our Download page and help us test it to find the remaining bugs.

Release Announcement

Tonight we have released Scribus 1.4.0.rc3. It is more stable, faster and nicer having had lots of TLC applied.

This release candidate is the last one where we will possibly make string changes, so this is also a call for translators to update their translations before 1.4.0 final.

This release features:

  • Crash bug fixes
  • A lot of undo updates (including updates to text undo)
  • Usability fixes
  • A move to 140 versioned preference files
  • A number of older bugs triaged and fixed

The complete change log since 1.4.0.rc1 is at

Users and testers are encouraged to check bugs fixes since rc2 was released.

Source downloads:

Source sha1sums:

482aa1e25d36995c1551d4d8ce6667b29f4346c0 scribus-1.4.0.rc3.7z
353a6a1d0e640c817e609710cc53a40a7b457830 scribus-1.4.0.rc3.7z.sig
a426a167ffb326125ffa6937c4afb295d01e8d61 scribus-1.4.0.rc3.tar.bz2
6978403b47635ea4df3e7f3b9b07c143e36d5245 scribus-1.4.0.rc3.tar.bz2.sig
3b15cb21e4b94155cda0f40fa0ea833149173562 Scribus_1.4.0.rc3_leopard_intel.dmg 
3b15cb21e4b94155cda0f40fa0ea833149173562 Scribus_1.4.0.rc3_leopard_intel.dmg       

md5sum : db35ac29e724b7ab98536aa4c54ccafb scribus-1.4.0.rc3-win32-install.exe

openSUSE, Fedora and Mandriva RPMS:

Debian/Ubuntu Packages are expected soon in our upstream repositories. Please see: Debian for instructions

Windows Installer: