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You've surely noticed that the Wiki is in a state of great flux, along with the main Scribus site. We're trying to make all of the Scribus sites more useful and intuitive, especially for having the most straightforward method to get to a download.

The initial obvious thing is the loss of the multicolored appearance of the Wiki, felt to be dated and distracting. Instead of all the various boxes of categories of items to link to, you now find the sidebar to the left, with a revised listing of various categories.

We are in the process of trying to consolidate the various Categories after an expansion. For example, we anticipate that the Contents category will have a listing of the HOWTO articles, and at least some articles in the Tips category will migrate to HOWTO. At the same time, we want to assign various articles to whichever old and new categories seem appropriate.

If you are writing or editing articles, please look at the category list to include the appropriate wiki tags. There is much information on the pages in Wiki Help as well.

Even if you don't feel up to writing articles yourself, we need curators/editors to flesh out the Table of Contents for the wiki.