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Ilman naista – Finnish comic book

Reporter: Jussi Pakkanen

Date: December 20, 2006.


Description: This self-published Finnish comic book was created with Scribus. It has 84 black and white pages which contain comic strips and a corresponding commentary track. A total of 500 copies were printed using a high quality offset printer. Scribus version was and it performed admirably. Final print quality was very good. Thanks to the Scribus team for creating this powerful program.

The comic is also available on the web (in Finnish).

Guds Ord varje dag – swedish calender with daily bible-verses

Reporter: Ralf-D. Ebel

Date: December 11, 2006

Calendar GudsOrd

Scribus was used to create this daily calendar with bibleverses. All bible-verses and holidays were stored in a MySQL-database. Via the scripter-interface all pages were generated, including an overview-calendar on each page. It really went fine, even if I am only a "copy-and-paste"-programmer. Thank you Scribus-folks for this good tool. The Calendar is published by Timoteus-Förlag AB, a swedish publishing house for christian literature. If some would be interested in the sources (they are bad quality), please mail me. r-d.ebel[a]

Triangle – thrice-annual newsletter of the chapel of Trinity College, University of Toronto

Reporter: Matt Townsend

Date: December 3, 2006

Triangle frontpage.jpeg
I used Scribus heavily last year in university, and it was instrumental in completing my journalism degree. I am currently using it to produce the thrice-annual TriAngle, the newsletter of the chapel of Trinity College, University of Toronto.

Trinity College is the oldest and smallest college on the University of Toronto campus, and the divinity school has produced some of the leading religious thinkers in Canada. I think it's pretty cool that Scribus has been used to produce a publication connected to this, even if it's just a newsletter.

All of my work from university was produced in Scribus, including some newspaper and magazine projects. Here are two links to my online portfolio:

I think that if I, a glorified amateur, can produce this kind of work in Scribus (and Inkscape), that the pros could easily use it for very serious publications.

Cogito – a Norwegian Magazine and its accompaning advertisment flyers

Reporter: Axel Bojer

Date: November 24, 2006

Cogito 12, a norwegian Magazine

Cogito number 5 to 11 were made with Pagemaker 7.0, but as a linux-user I got tired of rebooting between Windows and Linux, so I decided to give Scribus a try. Number 12 was then made using Scribus

Importing my old fonts was a breeze :-) But the layout had to be rebuild from scratch. The frontpage was made with the Gimp.

The articles are all in norwegian. The magazine is published twice a year, has 80 pages, 2 columns per page and many illustrations, in number 12 just in black and white. Format: 210 x 260 mm. See to have a look at the different numbers of the magazine.

The flyers are here: Actually, you will probably not even spot the difference between the flyers for nr. 10 and 11 (Pagemaker 7.0) and for nr. 12 (Scribus 1.3.3.x).

You probably also would not see any difference between the layout of the former issues and the last.

Thank you all for the good work – Scribus is getting better and better all the time – and pretty fast too :-)

Buchstabensuppe at Literaturbuffet – a journal, flyers, stationery, and business cards for a Viennese bookshop

Reporter: Kurt Lhotzky (via mailing list)

Date: November 23, 2006


it is time to say „Thank you” to the Scribus developers for their work and to the mailing list for its kind help whenever there were questions.

We – my wife and I – opened in october our bookshop here in Vienna – and everything – the logo, the stationery, the business cards, the journal for clients – Buchstabensuppe, all flyers and posters and the ads in newspapers were and are made exclusively with Scribus.

Have a look at to see our logo. Our journal you can find here:

The posters for our lectures are here:

Maybe you will like one or the other graphical idea I've implemented with Scribus!

Kurt Lhotzky, Vienna

A nation-wide advertising campaign "the Open Source way"

Reporter: Toni Anžlovar

Date: November 20, 2006

Scribus, Inkscape, Ghostscript, Pdftk, Gimp and Lcms open source tools were used to produce an entire graphical portion of a political campaign in Slovenia. Printed material included more than

  • 80 posters B1, B2 or both formats,
  • about 10 different jumbo posters,
  • about 10 informational booklets
  • tv telops, magazine and newspaper ads itd...

I designed this campaign alone (with 2 professional photographers working on portraits) in about 45 days (during which we also managed to produce 2 issues of the 'Ogledalo' magazine, which is a 32 page full color monthly magazine made with the same tools)

Scribus has proven to be an incredible tool for professional print production, which along with powerful features of Gimp and Inkscape create a toolset that rivals or beats commercial tools hands on. I am an advertising professional and i have used almost every commercial tool out there. After 10 years in the business, my entire workflow is serviced with OS tools and productivity is higher than ever before, without the loss of technical excellence.

The above tools are production - worthy, stable, speedy and high quality enough to service anyone's print production needs.

Wieża snów (Tower of Dreams) – 72 page quarterly free web magazine on fantasy, science fiction and more

Reporter: Tomasz Kucza

Date: November 5, 2006

Wieza Snow No11m.jpg

Issue #12, spring 2007, free PDF download (Polish language)

No 11 is the first issue which has been entirely made on Ubuntu Linux with exclusively Open Source tools: Scribus, Gimp, and Inkscape. Despite some problems I've managed to accomplish my aims. I'm very pleased and astonished to see how much progress the abovementioned apps have made since I've started to use them for the very first time. This magazine issue is not quite as good as previous issues in terms of layout, since I've been learning Scribus by doing and have had to recreate the whole magazine template first.

Altes Reich und neues Recht – exhibition catalogue, 404 pages, hardcover

Reporter: Christoph Schäfer

Date: October 1, 2006


The exhibition catalogue was made for a major German exhibition called Altes Reich und neues Recht – Von den Anfängen der bürgerlichen Freiheit on the occasion of the end of the Holy Roman Empire (1806), presented by the Imperial Chamber Court Museum (Wetzlar) and the Municipal Museum of the City of Wetzlar. The book contains 404 pages, 32 of them in 4c, plus dozens of b/w photos. The cover is also 4c and hardcover. The page format is 210x280 mm. Creating this book was pretty much business as usual, there were no major differences to what would have been done in QuarkXpress, apart from some minor, but annoying bugs that have been reported to the Scribus Bug Tracker, some of which are already resolved. Suffice to mention, almost all of the work was done with Scribus 1.2.5cvs and 1.3.3.x, Inkscape 0.43, GIMP 2.2.10, UFraw 0.8, and 2.0.1 on a SuSE Linux PC. Colour control and CMYK conversion of some images was done with CorelPhotoPaint 11 under Windows 2000.

Abt6-Seite7.png Abt6-Seite8.png

Compilation, co-authorship, lectorship, graphics, and layout: Christoph Schäfer, Wiki author and also curator of the exhibition.

Print run: 1,250

ISBN: 3-935279-38-8

Retail price: 19,50 EUR

You can download the front matter and the TOC here

Why Are You Here - Right Now?, B/W book, over 100 pages

Reporter: Raquel Martin via Scribus mailing list

Date: September 30, 2006

Success stories yruhrn cover.jpg

Some of you helped answer my questions earlier this month.

Thanks in part to your [mailing list's] help, our group was able to complete our book in under 30 days, from brainstorming to final product.

I spent two days on the layout, it was a rough two days putting an over 100 page book together with last minute edits and changes. But it happened! And we finished our project 1 day before our deadline.

Our book is on now – all layout was done is Scribus 1.3.0, I used some Gimp and Inkscape as well. Our print book has been sent and we are waiting on a proof, as well as other offers from some publishers.

If you'd like to see the book, it is free to download this weekend in ebook form:

I am not really here to promote my project, but to thank you.

Scribus is a great program, once you learn how to work with it and not against it. The final file for this book was distilled in Acrobat--but it was Scribus that did all of the work.

I used Scribus before for an entire year, creating a print tabloid every month. It never let me down.

Thanks again,


Anime Angels Mangazine, B/W, 44 pages

Reporter: Aleksey

Date: May 26, 2006


Anime Angels Easter Issue

I think Scribus has helped us a lot with our latest issue of the zine. It really helped us reduce the filesize for both print and download (using the Web Optimized PDF script for the downloadable version). Our staff works on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows so that is another area in which Scribus has helped us a lot.

AnimeAngels Mangazine is the first Christian Manga (Japanese Comics) Magazine. Independent Christian manga artists compile their best mangas together along with regular features like Anime/Manga tutorials, Bible studies, articles about the anime world from a christian point of view, and gaming and anime reviews. [1]

Just Things, 22-page magazine

Reporter: Steve Herrick

Date: May 3, 2006


Building on my experience with the CEPAD Report (see the bottom of the page), I am now making a magazine dedicated to promoting and developing fair trade. Currently, it's coming out quarterly, but I hope to gradually increase the frequency. You can download it at Thanks once again to the Scribus team, without whom I could never hope to do this.

15th International Conference on Solid State Dosimetry, Leaflet

Reporter: Peter de Kraker

Date: March, 2006

Ssd15 1 small.png

Side 1 of the unfolded leaflet. For the complete leaflet see this pdf.

As a DTP amateur I always have been using Indesign for non-profit, personal designwork. When I received my first freelance commercial assignment I did not longer wanted to be bothered with the ethical dilemma's of using illegal software. As a fresh Ubuntu user I knew about Scribus but wasn't too enthousiast about it's interface and features compared with those of Indesign. However, I decided to go for it and to deliver my first commercial work using only free software and free fonts/artwork.

During the process I encountered several bugs in the 1.3* version that I was using, all related to on Canvas editing of text. As an Indesign user I was used to just edit the text live on the Canvas for most of the finetuning. At first, I was quite disappointed, but I decided to report the bugs on the bugtracker and all of them were fixed an a few days! Amazing! The exported final PDF printed without any problems on a CMYK press.

I really am amazed and very enthousiast about the progress of this fantastic software and will continue to use and contribute to Scribus. Thank you Scribus team!

"Le Tigre", "curious weekly", B/W, 24 pages, with no ads

Reporter: Raphaël Meltz / Le Tigre (via mailing list)

Date: January 20, 2006

Le tigre front page1.png

The cover of this week issue: une.jpg

Le Tigre" ("curious weekly", B/W, 24 pages, with no ads) has just published his "numero zero", which had been made at 30.000 ex. and sent by post in order to get some "abonnements".

You can see the pdf (Web export) there:

Since march 17th 2006.

Thanks to everybody who made possible that - all the developers and people on this list. Scribus still has some issues, but less and less - and it's very important that we use it and explain about free software.

Raphael / Le Tigre

An excellent example of the capabilities of Scribus 1.3.x.,14-0,39-26974737%407-37,0.html --Cbradney 11:53, 28 March 2006 (CEST)